I stay up to date with the latest Javascript Technologies. This includes things like Javscript frameworks and tools to build amazing websites.

I create amazing user experiences by building intuitive designs and interfaces. I try to include animations where applicable to enhance the user's experience.

All my websites are completely responsive and work with any screen size. I make sure that my websites are accessible to all!


Radio Milwaukee

Single page web app built with a proprietary javascript framework. Main features include infinite scrolling, a custom audio player, Google DFP ads, and a highly customized Wordpress backend.

Cousins Subs

Single page web app built with a proprietary javascript framework. Main features include page animations and transitions, custom backend content management system, and different layouts for various devices.

Healthy Stores

Website designed to present data in a new, unique way for all counties in Southern California. All data is retrieved from a MySQL database to create all content on demand. Data is shareable on various social media platforms. Includes Google Maps API, custom PHP forms, and custom Wordpress backend.

Tobacco Free CA

Website built on a custom Wordpress theme. Features Youtube video embeds, custom PHP forms, photo carousels, shareable articles, and a unique data visualiztion infographic. Infographic has custom animations built with GreenSock Animation Library all triggered by scroll position.


Website built on a custom PHP content management system. Features an RSS feed for application use, csv file upload for quick MySQL entries, online store, video embeds, and custom blog article templates.


Website built using various javascript libraries. Features include custom form integrated with Active Campaign mailing list, element animations, embedded video player, and secret achievements.

Bostik Industrial

Multi-site built on a custom content management system and a MySQL Database. Each site includes their own similar template layouts, video embeds and modal windows, and custom forms.

Florentine Opera

Website built on a Wordpress theme. The theme is customized to fit the needs of the client. Includes audio player and image carousels.


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